AI-based Data Learning

and Analysis System

AI-Powered Smart System

We utilize in-house AI machine learning algorithms we have developed to process multi-modal sensory data from various smart devices and provide the end users with the most optimal living envronment.

Artificial intelligence itself can perform functions such as photo recognition, sentence analysis, and data identification. But through a big of data, you can use the more powerful advantages that artificial intelligence leads. AI learning enables you to provide optimized solutions for a variety of parts. Combining with related technologies will create a new level of advanced systems and demonstrate flexible and long-term adaptability to new industries.

Dadam Micro Inc. has prepared artificial intelligence technology to actively cope with changes toward future industries and laid the foundations for continuously creating the value of hinnovative technologies. Artificial intelligence, which was only in charge of limited roles in the past, has now been used in various industries as well as IT.In this situation, Dadam Micro is constantly investing in market-oriented bright prospects that are becoming faster and more diversified through artificial intelligence technology.


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