Smart Home Network

IoT Home Network System

Partner in embedded solutions for advanced Home IoT systems

We provide home security and life-customized services in connection with portal video cameras, lobby phones,
security equipment for security offices, and a variety of other IoT sensors in center of wallpads.

· When you enter the entrance of your apartment,the motion detection (PIR) sensor detects your motion and  creates a home environment with the preset welcome mode.

· When you enter the living room,the curtains automatically open and the lights turn on. The smart mirror shows the information on the home environment,

  including temperature, humidity and air quality.

· The artificial intelligence (AI) platform analyzes your behavioral patterns and controls the devices and home appliances that have been set up on their own.

· You can control lights, gas, heating, and home appliances and also call an elevator at any place in your house with your voice.

Home Network System has been the backbone of Dadam Micro Inc.’s successful business since the foundation of the company in 2000. We are now extending our business to include devices and systems for Smart Home applications combined with latest IoT technology.

Our smart home network system is a wired and/or wireless network system of powerful devices and associated intelligent software that help home owners monitor, control, and manage their home. Its easy-to-use on-board apps allow the user to stay in charge even when away from home.

Dadam Micro Inc. is a powerful system design house for smart home applications. Our core business competency includes, but not limited to, network system design and efficient production management capability to make the following home network systems: home server & network gateway, wireless devices with B/T, ZigBee, WiFi protocols, mobile terminal to recognize location with GPS and ZigBee, and Android based wallpad. As part of endeavor to extend business portfolio, we also have developed: robbery detection systems, real-time location detection and tracking systems.


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