A device for monitoring vital signs 
(respiration rate, heart rate, breathing pattern) using UWB Radar

· Creative Economic Valley Innovative Technology Development Project by the Ministry of Science,

  ICT and Future Planning in 2015 (ended in 2017)

· Development of the patient monitoring service using non-contact bioradar technology

· Exhibited at CES2017 and won Innovation Awards.

· Exhibited at CES2018 - mobeat2

· University hospitals, gu-offices for senior citizens living alone

Application Business for Non-contact Vital Sign Monitoring Technology

Possible to use vital signs (respiration, pulse) extracted in a non-contact manner using impulse ultra-wideband (UWB) radar, and used as a tool for preventive medicine such as stress through the analysis of HRV (heart rate variability). The self vital signs-monitor(mobeatTM: Motion Beat) developed by Dadam with the increase in the elderly population and the single-person households meets the social needs for a healthy life.

Non-contact vital signs monitor

Home Healthcare & Personal Wellness

· Products with built-in environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, VoC, illuminance, noise), lighting, sound, and voice functions

· Sold online (Amazon, etc.) as a vital signs and health status monitoring product in daily life.

· Implement services in the era of aging and single-person households.

Nursing Homes

· Business with domestic geriatric hospitals /nursing homes: 12.5 trillion

  won-worth market (as of 2020)

· Sold to nursing homes in the U.S.through medical supply distributors

  (by using government matched funds)

Social Welfare Centers

· Support forcommercialization through theelderly-friendly comprehensive

  experience centers > Connection with social welfare divisions at each gu-office

· Introduced and promoted through the exhibition of the system

  in exhibition experience halls and promotion booths

· Services continuously provided for single-person households and

  the elderly based on the experience halls-network

Application Business for Smart Biomirror Technology

All-in-one system in connection with vital signs (respiration rate, pulse rate, body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure)-monitoring bio sensors, IoT Connectivity, and cloud big data As smart bio mirror TM, periodic self-health check possible at home in the era of 100-year lives.

Smart Bio Mirror

All-in-one Smart Bio Mirror


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