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Iksoo Jun
World's No.1 Smart Bio-Healthcare Embedded Solution Company
B-502 Pangyo InnoValley, 253 Pangyo-ro Bundang-gu, Seongnam, 13486, Korea
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May 2, 2000
Business Field
Smart Home Network System / Healthcare & Biotechnology

Dadam Micro Inc. was founded in May, 2000 with the vision of being the world market leader in disruptive embedded systems with smart convergence technologies.

We have been doing our everlasting best in the development of core technologies and products designated for integrated home networking systems, new & renewable energy devices, intelligent IoT and wellness & bio-technology preparing for the 4th industrial revolution.

As a venture company with extensive experiences in developing and marketing embedded systems hardware and software solutions in diversified areas, our key business strategy is now set to focus on developing those products that will make our daily lives better, more convenient and flourishing for the many years to come. We always try to assure that our key clients and customers will be provided with highly competitive solutions for the sake of the success of their business.

We are currently expanding our business portfolio to include digital healthcare devices and services with state-of-art bio-technology sensors, the latest IoT LPWAN connectivity technologies and intelligent back-end processing.

Dadam Micro Inc. will do its best to firmly establish company value as a leading company with cutting edge products and services for Smart Home  and Digital Healthcare/Wellness markets. We will put all our efforts to achieve the company vision and goal with latest smart technologies.

Our Vision

Dadam Micro Inc. will push harder to become the #1 world-wide market leader in disruptive embedded devices, 
systems and solutionsin our core business areas.

As a manufacturer and supplier of end products, we always put our customers satisfaction 
with our products and technical commodities at the very top in our business practice. 
We always intend to provide them with the highest quality products and sustainable services from beginning to end, 
with home-grown smart AI back-end processing engines.

2011 - 2021


- Achieved the performance of home network systems installed accumulatively in more than 800,000 households.

- Puripot won F1 iF Design Award


- Won CES 2020 Innovation Award

- Puripot F1 / L1 Series launched


- Won CES 2019 Innovation Award

- Puripot P1 / M1 Series launched


- Developed and commercialized visible light nano TiO2 photocatelyst air purification technology

- Attracted the investments from Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) and COMMAX Co., Ltd.


- Invested into the new healthcare business, and developed the new products for Mobeat

- Received CES 2017 InnovationAward(Technology InnovationPrize)


- Transferred the business place (Pangyo Innovalley, 253 Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)

- The world’s first Android-based homenetwork wallpad launched

2000 - 2010


- Successfully developed and started tosupply thewallpads for home network systems


- Transferred the business place (133-1 Daesangwon 1-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)


- Changed its company name toDadam Micro Inc.


- Selected as technology innovative small and medium-sized business (INNO-BIZ).


- Acquired the certification of a venture business, and established the company-affiliated research institute.

- Selected as new technology startup incubator by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.


- Established dadam MICRO System INC. (291-13 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea)

- Attracted the investmentfrom I Controls Co., Ltd. and developed the home network system


B-502 Pangyo InnoValley, 253 Pangyo-ro, Bundang gu, Seongnam, 13486, Korea

Tel +82 31-8018-8768  I  E-mail info@dadamMicro.com

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