We care of you, me, and our earth. Perfectly discomposing Technology:PCO

PCO is a technology that generates an air purification material (OH Radical) that decomposes odors, viruses, and bacteria using a catalyst applied with light and nano-tech. Photocatalytic technology, like the photo-synthesis process that generates oxygen with sunlight. This is a technology that ultimately decomposes harmful substances, unlike other existing filter technologies, to filter out harmful substances, so there is no waste and no exceptional maintenance costs.

*PCO: Photo Catalytic Oxidation

Cotead Catalyst / Titanium dioxide (TiO2)

Catalysts are substances that make chemical reactions fast and smooth, without consuming themselves. Titanium dioxide is used as a catalyst in the process that PCO technology produces purifying substances. Titanium dioxide is chemically stable and harmless to human, so this is added to processed foods like candy and donuts.

Purification Substances / Hydroxyl radical (·OH)

Purification substances generated by photocatalytic reaction (·OH) has a strong oxidative decomposition function, so it removes bacteria, viruses, odors, molds, etc. Hydroxyl Radicals(·OH) are generated and disappears continously every one-millionth of a second, so it can never come out of the product. This means the extremely safe technology because it completes air purification inside the product.

Filtering and decomposing methjods are like night and day.

Would you like to store harmful substances?  Or would you get rid of it? Conventional air purifier filter technology filters out harmful substances in a physical way Naturally, it is not effective for viruses, or odors (i.e. VOCs) that are smaller than the filtering criteria, and if cares are neglected, microorganisms multiply within the filter, and dirty air may be blown back. In contrast, puripot air sterilizer’s PCO technology destroys and removes harmful substances in an optical way Hence, regardless of the size of harmful substances, it not only removes bacteria, viruses, and odors, but also has the advantage for easy care and no additional maintenance costs.

Air Purifier

that filters physically

Air Sterilizer

that decomposes optically

Blue Light PCO

The shorter the wavelength, the stronger the light.  However, it is not necessary to be overflowed. Existing PCO technology used ultraviolet (UV) to make purification materials easily. However, this became a problem by reacting with oxygen in the air to produce ozone (O3), a toxic substance. puripot developed a catalyst recipe and a special nano process to eliminate side effects and risks. We made it possible to create a purifying material even with visible light (460nm Blue Light) that we often encounter in our daily life. In short, health care device shouldn't be a health hazard.

*Visual light: safe light visible to the eyes of a person with wavelengths of 400 to 700 nm.

Existing PCO Technology

Ultraviolet (UV)

· Invisible light outside the visible light range 

· Direct exposure to the eyes and skin may cause damage

· High energy of ultraviolet rays reacts with oxygen in the air 
  to generate ozone, a toxic substance

Puripot’s Special PCO Technology

Visible light (Blue Light)

· Visible light that we often encounter in our daily life

· Safe as alight commonly in everyday life

· 460nm visible light does not react with oxygen in the air and cannot generate ozone.


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